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Targeting Your Resume for Different Jobs

Do I Really Need to Target My Resume for Each Job? Almost every client I work with has some nuances to their search. Really, aren’t we all a little...

Cover Letter

3 Types of Cover Letters You Need Today

First of all, let’s put it the “cover letter” question to bed. Yes, you need one. No, not everyone reads them. Yes, they are important. There are so...

personal branding

5 LinkedIn Strategies To Utilize Today

LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool available to jobseekers in today’s market. It is not a Facebook for professional people. It is an...

Career Advice

Four Don’ts of Resume Writing

I’m usually a glass half-full kind of gal and always like to lead with the positive, but as a professional resume writer I definitely see my fair...

Career Advice

Changing the World? Start With Yourself.

For whatever reason, I woke up feeling more inspired than usual today. Maybe it’s the fact that my neighborhood finally sprayed for mosquitos and I...

Interviewing Tips

The Best Place to Explain Your Resume Gap

Many perfectly qualified candidates have gaps in their employment. The gap can stem from a variety of chosen and situational causes. Many of my...

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