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Hi, I'm Rebecca. As the owner of a leading NJ resume writing service for over a decade, I've helped thousands of ambitious professionals confidently, clearly articulate their value to level up, amplify their earning power, and do work aligned with purpose and passion.

That’s my purpose…my why.

There is No Expiration Date on Your Dreams

An executive resume writer and personal branding expert who helps motivated, career-minded professionals like you get unstuck and take control of their careers, the words I hear most often when I work with clients is that they struggle to articulate their value.

Do you ever feel like everyone else has it figured out? Sending out tons of resumes with no response? Not really even sure what to apply to? 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve become a multi-credentialed resume expert and helped clients all over the world land jobs at companies like Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, Novartis, and NBC.

I’ve seen so many candidates struggle to get a foot in the door because they have a lackluster resume that doesn’t give hiring managers a reason to call them. 

As a result, their careers languish, they apply to hundreds of jobs in an endless cycle, and they are literally stuck on a job search treadmill.

I get it because I’ve been there.

Frustrated. Struggling with imposter syndrome. Unsure of my next step.

It wasn’t until I really got clear on my superpower and started sharing that message that I saw my own potential.

Through a collaborative, proprietary process that helped me launch a 6-figure business in a recession and empower thousands of clients just like you to land meaningful work, find balance, and multiply their earning potential, I will help you uncover what you love to do, define what makes you great at it, and target your message so you can differentiate yourself, get more interviews, and get hired faster.

As a coach, I’ll hold you accountable while you uncover your authentic career brand and connect the dots to build a career you love.

I’ll work with you to build a network that will sustain you through market cycles.

You're a high achiever. You know you're made for more. But your resume just feels meh. I can help. I've helped thousands of people unlock their potential and attract their ideal work.

Does this Sound Familiar?

If you're like most of my clients, this is what you say to yourself when you sit down to write your resume.

I know I do a lot, but it’s impossible to put in on paper.

I’m great at my job, but I have so much trouble selling myself.

I know I could do more, but I’m not sure what.

It’s not you.

It’s the system.

The hiring process is broken and complicated.

You need an expert by your side, helping you navigate to get past multiple phases of gatekeepers.

I get. I promise. I’ve done it for thousands of clients—from Fortune 100 executive to college sophomore.

Story is what helps us organize information and achieve holistic understanding that spans the analytical, logical left brain and the feeling right brain.

My ability to find and cultivate that story, equipping you with personal branding materials and messaging, is what enables my clients to achieve things they had never thought possible.

You are unique—you just need help to convey exactly what makes you that way. I convey your achievements in clear, concise language that connects that dots for recruiters and hiring managers to get results. My clients get interviews, opportunities, and offers.

Don’t waste one more second wondering if you’re in the right role. If any of these sound like you, we should talk!

  • Can’t find the right words to express your accomplishments, motivations, and contributions?
  • Not sure what format to use?
  • Feeling like your resume could and should do more for you?
  • Sending out hundreds of resumes with no response?
  • Struggling to put into words all you’ve done?
  • Had your resume done already and it just feels fluffy?
  • Other candidates with similar experience (or less) are getting selected over you?
  • Not getting interviews for jobs you are qualified (or over-qualified) for?

I have a 99% success rate and over 85% of my business is from referrals.

I am a multi-credentialed executive resume writer, successful entrepreneur, and collaborative partner to high achievers like you. 

My clients get hired faster, make more money, have greater career clarity, and have landed jobs at companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, Novartis, and NBC.


You need more than just a resume.

You need a branded career story, and I am the partner to help you tell it. Rely on a proven expert who can help you open doors, get more interviews, and land your dream job.

Our work together is an investment in your career.

Through my collaborative, proprietary process, you’ll gain unprecedented insight and clarity into what your next steps should look like and how to position what might feel like a lot of disconnected steps.

A personal brand is the key to an interview-winning resume that highlights your strengths and achievements.

You are One-of-A-Kind. Your resume should be too.

My clients get interviews, opportunities, and offers.

You are unique—you just need help to convey exactly what makes you that way. No cookie-cutter, AI-generated resumes here! 

Every project is custom, fit for purpose, and aligned with your goals. A NJ native and full-time resume writer, I've helped thousands of people just like you reposition their experience to outstanding results - interviews, offers, and opportunities.

Woman smiling arms raised up to blue sky, celebrating freedom. Positive human emotions, face expression feeling life perception success, peace of mind concept. Free Happy girl on beach enjoying nature

I'm intentionally small and work with you 1:1 to transform your resume.

You're one-of-a-kind. Your resume should be too.

Every career has a story. I’ll help you tell yours and transform your resume and LinkedIn profile into interview-winning career marketing tools that unlock game-changing opportunities.

Why Work With Me?

  • No Boring, Fluffy Resumes
  • No Worksheets
  • No Inexperienced Writers

Our Work Together is an Investment in Your Career. Find out why 2,000+ jobseekers have found success.

Read what my clients say about working together


You can achieve your goals

Imagine results like these:

👉 A teacher who landed a $150K sales job
👉 A police officer who took over corporate security for a Fortune 500 Pharma company
👉 A non-profit administrator who increased his salary 2X in a mission-aligned role
👉 A PR leader who transitioned in-house with 100% work-from-home
👉A relaunching mom who found her confidence and landed a 2X salary increase in a new industry

While I don't specialize in an industry, I'm located in Northern NJ so many of my clients are in life sciences (pharma, med tech, med device), financial services, and CPG/FMCG. 

What makes me great at my job is my ability to listen, ask smart question, and elicit the differentiated value you uniquely bring to the table, then translate that into professional brand messaging that grabs the attention of hiring stakeholders.

My clients have landed jobs at the world's best companies, including:

Jobs at Google
Jobs at Amazon
Jobs at Meta
Amazon logo
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What Services Do You Offer?


Deep Dive Interview

Every project begins with an in-depth interview so that I can learn all about your career and begin to uncover all the stories and experiences that shape your career narrative. I'll never ask you to fill out long, boring worksheets.


Personal Branding

Your custom, fit-for-purpose personal brand blueprint is the foundation for a high-impact suite of career collateral: resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and branded cover letters that connect the dots for hiring managers and recruiters to help you identify, attract, and land the right roles.



Through collaborative, personalized coaching, I'll help you take control of your career, own your success, and make bold moves. You'll benefit from my deep expertise in the careers space to hold you accountable and keep you focused on your goals, without overwhelm.

"Rebecca was wonderful to work with. Finding myself on the job market unexpectedly I was not prepared. I had no resume, no LinkedIn. Rebecca took the time to listen to my story and craft a resume that embodies my many years of work. She is so easy to talk with and my interactions with her were not only professional but down to earth. The final product was impressive and thorough including brand statement and LinkedIn profile. The resume helped me secure multiple job offers within weeks and allowed me to get back into the job market quickly."



M. Mathews

Senior Manager, Insurance Industry

What is Career Storytelling & Why Do I Need It?

Storytelling is What Sets My Resume Service Apart. 

I do more than just write resumes. I brand you for career success. My approach is your competitive advantage in a crowded market.

I’m a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience helping brands and people tell better stories. I combine all of that experience to deliver powerful results for my clients.

I'll help you:

  • Confidently, Clearly Articulate Your Value
  • Reboot, Relaunch, or Accelerate Your Career
  • Stand Out, Get Noticed, & 2X Interviews


Find the Throughline

I interview you to identify the achievements and themes that shape your career narrative, then use story to achieve holistic understanding that spans the analytical, logical left brain and the feeling right brain.


Unlock Your Value

Your brand story, told in clear, concise language, connects that dots for recruiters and hiring managers to get results

Your resume will be visually compelling and tailored to your unique goals and experience.


Attract Your Ideal Work

Your personal branding materials, messaging, and roadmap enabling you to achieve career clarity, confidently articulating your value in a way that resonates with hiring managers and recruiters.

Job searching is not for the faint of heart.

If you're struggling alone, I promise you there is a better way.

I've been writing resumes and helping high achievers craft powerful personal brands for over a decade. I'm on your side, in the trenches, helping you pinpoint what's not working, what you can do about, and were to focus your energies for maximum ROI.

  • Feel like you do so much, but can't find the words to express it?
  • Not even sure what to apply to?
  • Sending tons resumes out with no response?
If any of this sounds like you, we should talk!

"Rebecca did an exceptional job helping my wife refresh her resume during the COVID downturn within her industry; she got instant results and was able to land a new full-time position. I also worked with Rebecca to refresh my CV and bio to provide a more contemporary touch; she did a wonderful job. Rebecca is a consummate professional; very thorough and truly cares about her clients. I’ve already referred her to several friends and colleagues as she goes above & beyond."



Joel S.

Investment Banker

My Work Has Been Featured in Publications Like


There is No Expiration Date on Your Dreams

I've helped thousands and clients find fulfilling work and get paid what they're worth

I craft high-impact resumes, develop powerful personal brands, and devise job search strategies that help jobseekers launch, reboot, and level up their careers. My clients land jobs at companies like Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, Novartis, and NBC.

What makes my clients successful is that I find the through-line and create compelling brand stories.

My collaborative, proprietary process helped me launch a 6-figure business in a recession and empower thousands of clients just like you to land meaningful work, find balance, and multiply their earning potential. 

Together, we will

  • Uncover what you love to do
  • Define what makes you great at it
  • Target your message

You’ll gain unprecedented insight and clarity into what your next steps should look like and how to get there. This process will equip you with the clarity you need to differentiate yourself, get more interviews, and get hired faster.


  • You don't need multiple versions of your resume. You need an outstanding foundational resume clearly aligned with your target.
  • You are unique. Cookie cutter resumes that position you as a carbon copy of the job description are ineffective.
  • Your resume is highlight reel, not an encyclopedia - it should be carefully curated to position you for clearly defined next steps!

"Previously, I had been struggling to even get an interview for an internship. I had sent out dozens of resumes to no avail. After I sent out Rebecca’s resume, I got two interviews, one of which led me to the internship I had last summer."

Katharine D

Analyst Intern

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Select your package or schedule a discovery call to help identify the best fit services for your goals and experience.

Each resume writing project starts with a face-to-face or phone interview. During this call, you’ll be asked about your experience, achievements, and career target.

Following that, you’ll receive 1st drafts of your resume in 10-14 days. At Rebecca Henninger Career Services, we elieve in quality over all else and need a little time to ensure that your documents are optimized around your goals.

I use an extensive quality control process, including industry-leading proofreading…simply put, good things take time!

Once you receive your documents, you’ll have 14 days to make any changes at all, as well as an opportunity to speak  over the phone for clarification.

When is payment due?

I do not begin working on your resume until I receive your payment and an executed Client Agreement.

When are you available?

We typically have a 1-2 week waiting list for new projects, which will be indicated when you initially contact me to schedule. I am always available via email and schedule interviews typically during business hours; however, weekend and evening appointments may be available.

When will I receive first drafts?

First drafts are sent within 3 weeks of our interview and receipt of payment. Like my clients, I take time off on weekends and most bank-recognized holidays, so typically these days will extend the delivery time. In every instance, I do attempt to deliver ahead of schedule but often require ample time to ensure that the final result is high quality and meets your expectations.

How do revisions work?

We review the resume together and I make all requested changes. Following that , I send out for proofing and quality control.

This process must be completed within 1 weeks following delivery of first draft. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances.

What if I don't like my resume?

We prioritize your total satisfaction and offer a 14-day revision period to ensure your documents exceed your expectations.

If you do not receive any interviews within 60 days, we’ll schedule a job search strategy call to help you get your search back on track.

Why is your service more expensive than online companies?
  • You’ll work exclusively with me throughout the process
  • I don’t limit you to email interactions
  • I actually interview you to learn about your career
  • I don’t require you to fill out forms or questionnaires
  • I don’t outsource you resume to an overseas or junior writer

Did you know that many online services use resume writers offshore or pay their writers a fraction (usually 20-40%) of the price that you pay?

I’m here for you and with you from the first call to delivery of your drafts. I care about your results and that comes through in every interaction.

What is the best way to contact you?

Feel free to email me at or text/call me during business hours at 973.270.1777.


Book a Discovery Call

Need help finding the right package? Book a 15-minute discovery call to get started!