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Marketing Executive Resume Sample

Senior Marketing Executive

This resume helped my client land a CMO role at one of his target tech companies. 

Managing Director Resume Example

Agency Executive

A leader in her field, my client needed a resume to showcase her personal brand in a compelling and understated way. 

Senior HR Executive 2021

Human Resources Executive

A public company VP of Human Resources, my client needed a personal brand and executive resume. We used a hybrid format to showcase core executive competencies, positioning him for a CHRO role.

Technology Sales Executive Resume

Technology Sales

A top-performing technology sales leader, this client needed my help to transform his lackluster resume into a standout personal branding document. He landed multiple interviews within weeks of our work together.

IT Manager Resume Example

Senior IT Manager

A streamlined, clean format and high-impact content helped this client level up into next-step roles. His prior resume did not do his considerable achievements and contributions justice, so we worked together to transform a laundry list of task bullets into impact statements.

Law Enforcement Resume Sample

Law Enforcement Resume

This retiring police officer was seeking new opportunities and had no idea how to position his considerable skills and expertise for a new audience. We collaborated on a target and highlighted broad security operations and program management experience to accelerate his transition into the private sector.

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

A high performer who bootstrapped her career from ticket sales at the New York Jets to leading sales teams for some of the most recognizable media start-ups around, this client needed an impactful format that would enable her to quickly convey value delivered.

She landed multiple interviews and a coveted senior-level revenue role.

Return to Work Resume

Return-to-Work Parent

This stay-at-home dad was ready to return to work after selling his successful family business and making the decision to be the primary caregiver while his partner worked out of the home. 

This column format was the right choice for his search, primarily conducted through networking, and enabled him to clearly convey his story and land a bridge job within months.

Teacher Resume Sample

Teacher Resume

This teacher was seeking new opportunities within education and needed a new resume to showcase her educational vision and extensive experience. 

The format is clean, concise, and authentically expresses her passion for differentiated learning environments where students thrive.

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