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5 Job Winning Social Media Tactics for New Grads

Bright shiny degree? Check. Big dreams? Check. Absolutely no idea how to make them a reality? Check. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you’re...

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Changing the World? Start With Yourself.

For whatever reason, I woke up feeling more inspired than usual today. Maybe it’s the fact that my neighborhood finally sprayed for mosquitos and I...

Interviewing Tips

The Best Place to Explain Your Resume Gap

Many perfectly qualified candidates have gaps in their employment. The gap can stem from a variety of chosen and situational causes. Many of my...

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Be who you want your kids to be.

I know, odd concept for a resume writing and career services blog, but I read the most amazing and “makes you go hmmm” quote yesterday. On...

Are multiple page resumes ok?

Yes, it’s appropriate for an experienced professional to extend to more than one page. The old adage was that unless you were the President of the...

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