Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

Is a Thank You Letter Really Important?

In a word, yes!! The job market is tough. Many job seekers are seeking out professional resume writers to help set themselves apart. If you’re going...

Interviewing Tips

The Best Place to Explain Your Resume Gap

Many perfectly qualified candidates have gaps in their employment. The gap can stem from a variety of chosen and situational causes. Many of my...

Interviewing Tips

Tell me about a time…

Arrgh, right? Any question on an interview that starts with “Tell me about a time” is sure to be a challenge. Perhaps the most challenging is this...

Interviewing Tips

5 Questions to Ask at the End of Every Interview

At the end of the interview, you have one last chance to make a great impression! Asking smart questions can be the difference-maker that helps you...

Interviewing Tips

Top 3 Interview Killers – and How to Avoid Them

You know the moment. It’s been an awesome interview and you’re feeling pumped about this exciting new opportunity. Then all of a sudden you answer a...

Interviewing Tips

3 Interview Questions to Have in Your Back Pocket

You perfected a killer, accomplishment-based resume and you landed that interview. So now what? Hiring Managers are under incredible pressure to make...

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