Do You Need Professional Resume Help?

by Rebecca Henninger

Do You Need Professional Resume Help?

by Rebecca Henninger

by Rebecca Henninger

Qualified candidates are turned down for positions every day, but the problem isn’t always the applicant, it’s their resume. Writing is not everyone’s forte. Especially not resume writing. But that shouldn’t stand in your way of success. Resume help from a professional resume writer could be the missing link to landing the job of your dreams. 

Get noticed with professional resume help

Standing out in a saturated market is often the only differentiator between getting your resume seen, and really being heard. That’s where a professional comes in.

They can organize your information, perfectly communicate your past work experience, and highlight your skills so that your resume reflects how great of a hire you really are. Talking about yourself is never easy, nor is determining which responsibilities are most important to include.

Let someone with a track record of getting people hired get you hired by honing down on the experience and skills you possess that are most attractive to employers.

Don’t let your resume age you

When did you create your first resume? For many, the answer is college. Whether under the wing of a professor or your school’s career center, you likely followed a standard format and filled in the blanks.

Are you still using that same format today? I’m going to guess yes. It’s not uncommon to continue using the same resume throughout your career, and simply making updates when applying for a new job. The problem with that strategy is an outdated resume could translate to an outdated candidate. While age often means more experience, in today’s digital world it could be a red flag. An outdated resume could send a message to HR that you are not familiar with the latest technology or the most recent advances in your industry.

It’s important to present yourself as passionate, energetic, and in-the-know. The format of your resume can actually play a big part in showcasing that drive. Professional resume help includes a complete redesign of your resume so that it not only reads better but looks better too.

Pay money to save money – or even better, earn more money

Searching for a job can be expensive. You may be unemployed, or if you’re still working, those interviews are lost vacation days. You put valuable time into researching different companies, finding openings, and updating your cover letter accordingly.

Then there’s looking the part. It’s not unheard of people to spend serious money on their clothes, shoes and hair. For the sake of stress and savings, ideally a job search is as short as possible and the interviews you’re invited to result in offers. Paying for professional resume help can simplify the process by securing more quality interviews and reducing the amount of time and money wasted searching for a job.

What about the “earning more money” part?

Remember when I said not everyone has the easiest time talking about themselves? It’s often that discomfort that limits them to the job they think they can get rather than the one they really deserve. In other words, you are probably more qualified than you think. By allowing a professional resume writer to take control, you’re not only going to save money during your job search but you may actually earn more money in the long run. When your experience is highlighted properly it opens up the door for higher level employment that you may otherwise never been considered for.

Secure a job you’ll love by leaving out the rest

Another resume faux pas is oversharing. If you’re ten years into your career and still have your college resume listed, that’s an issue. The person skimming your resume is likely going to be confused by the clutter and miss the good stuff.

With professional resume help, you’ll finally have a resume that is clear and concise. Stuffing your resume with unnecessary information won’t make you look more experienced. You should show your best attributes by focusing on the most recent and most relevant accomplishments, and determining which make the cut is one of my specialties.

I also recommend applicants leave out the parts of their job that they hated. Why would you want to tell your future employer that you excelled at the thing you hated most? So you can be given that same responsibility at your new job? I don’t think so.

People tend to think a resume is about the past. That it is simply a way to showcase what you have done. But when you think about it, a resume is more about the future. Its purpose is to propel you to the next step in your career. When working with my clients I ask them to think less about what they’ve done and more about what they want to do next. With forward thinking and professional resume help, we can get you into a new position where your talents will thrive and your passions can be fulfilled.

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