Finding The Right IT Resume Writing Service

by Rebecca Henninger

Finding The Right IT Resume Writing Service

by Rebecca Henninger

by Rebecca Henninger

One of the main reasons I caution professionals against online resume “farms” or tools is because they tend to lack industry-specific knowledge. Their advertisements may talk the talk, but can they walk the way? When writing a resume, especially for a tech job, you must have an understanding of the field. I have been providing IT resume writing services to professionals my entire career and am well versed on what gets applicants noticed by employers. 

Keywords alone can’t cut it when applying for IT jobs.

If you care about your resume, you’ve probably done some research already. You know about keywords or buzz words aka the best way to get your resume through the first round. While it is true that using the right words can get you noticed, they won’t get you interviews.

Some companies do use a digital scanner or have an individual in their HR department do preliminary eliminations of resumes. That part is true. But while a few popular keywords might keep your resume out of the trash, they can’t guarantee much more than that.

Format, content, readability, and visual appeal are much heavier hitters. My IT resume writing service take your experience, education and skills, and funnel them into a resume that results in interviews.

Recruiters read between the lines. What will they find?

When filling an open IT position, a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for a specific candidate not just specific keywords. Rather than focus on the right words, I show that my clients have the right requirements.

That starts with understanding what requirements that recruiter is looking for, and figuring those out is usually not very difficult. Most companies post requirements directly on the job posting. Despite this transparency, many applicants fail to use this information as a guide.

It could simply be because they don’t know how their experience specifically meets each requirement, or they are not sure how to word it properly. That’s where I come in. Wording your resume to show that you meet the job’s requirements is key.

A branded resume could be your ticket to interviewing with your top choice.

Speaking of requirements, you may notice that different companies prioritize different skills. Even though you are applying for the same type of position, the requirements listed may differ from one company to the next.

For those seeking employment at a specific company, I offer branded IT resume writing services. These custom-made resumes are specifically designed for a unique application by keeping both the job and the company in mind.

Branded resumes are very powerful because they don’t only showcase the applicant’s experience, they also highlight why the applicant is a great fit for the company. With this approach, you are able to fine tune your resume specifically for that employer.

Maybe the company you want to work for is very socially conscious. While you might not include your volunteer work on another application, in this case it may strengthen your resume. This is just one example of the many ways I build upon resumes to secure my clients interviews with their top choices.

Saying the same thing as the competition, but just saying it better.

If the tech world seems pretty cut and dry, you may find it difficult livening up your resume so that it stands out. That’s completely understandable. When you’re applying for a very skill-centric position, such as one in the tech field, it can be easy for one resume to look just like the last.

A big part of my IT resume writing service is finding ways for my clients to stand out. Sometimes that means saying the same thing as their competition, but just saying it better.

To do that I use a combination of tactics, from including more descriptive, action words to adding quantitative results. When the verbiage is lively and experience=results, I am able to grab a hiring agent’s attention and keep them interested.

How? Rather than saying you were the lead on a project (which is impressive, but common), I would say you spearheaded a team (because that shows drive and leadership, which is rare). Rather than saying you built custom software (which is impressive, but common) I would include the sales growth or cost reduction that build resulted in (because results are always more important).

IT resume writing services that know the industry and want to know you.

My success in tech resumes stems from years of experience, and a unique approach to resume writing. Not only do I know the IT industry, I get to know my clients. An hour-long phone interview is included in my packages so that I can get a complete understanding of my client and their goals. This has proven to be the winning combo for writing IT resumes that result in interviews.

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