I define my success by your results.

Client Testimonials

I define my success by your results.

Client Testimonials

by Rebecca Henninger
I create amazing resumes for my clients by helping them discover their personal and professional strengths and packaging their experience and achievements into attention-getting, beautifully designed resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Once I got my final product I was amazed. Rebecca listened to everything I said in our consultation and put it together PERFECTLY. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone. She truly goes above and beyond for all of her clients and is fantastic at what she does!

—Nicole C.

I am incredibly impressed with how quickly and efficiently she got the job done so I can remain focused on my meetings. I’ve already recommended her to both friends and family. I simply cannot say enough good things.

—Sara H.

She did an excellent job in highlighting my experience for jobs that I was interested in. I have received great feedback and much more interest from potential employers and recruiters.

—Christian A.

I have already received several interviews for opportunities upon degree completion. I am not sure this would have been possible if I had not found RH Resumes.

—Ben S.

Unbelievable is all I have to say Rebecca is an amazing writer, Awesome cover letter and an even better resume. Rebecca is easy to work with and extremely professional, my fiance also got her resume redone and the calls are just pouring in for both of us.

—Paul M.

I definitely would recommend her to anyone; a lot of companies/people out there only do this virtually so if you’re like me and think, “How can I trust anyone over the internet?” Well you can trust her!

—Betty B.

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