Make your resume perfect.

Resume Editing

Make your resume perfect.

Resume Editing

by Rebecca Henninger

Already have a resume and just want to get it polished and refined?

Submit your existing resume, along with 3-5 job postings of positions that you would like to apply with. My team will review your information and provide a detailed questionnaire and any additional questions in order to build out your new resume via email.

You receive a new resume, targeted to specific positions and created to current standards within 5 business days.

This service is conducted entirely via email and is best for clients who are short on time and are not looking for job search and strategy insight, just a keyword-rich, optimized resume to get their search moving!

This package includes 7 days of unlimited revisions/Q&A — via email only —professional proofreading, and multiple document formats (PDF, Word, plain text) of the finals.

Resume Editing Service Levels

Entry Level

Targeted, branded resumes for professionals with 0-2 years of experience looking to start or advance their careers.

Resume & Cover Letter $200


Resumes for professionals with 3+ years of non-management experience

Resume & Cover Letter $300*


Resumes for managers with significant staff and/or budget accountability.

Resume & Cover Letter $400*

Additional Services

Cover Letter

Show Hiring Managers your strengths with a better Cover Letter.

From $100*

LinkedIn Profile

Help your LinkedIn profile stand out among the millions of others.

From $300*

*Exact Pricing Varies Based on Industry and Experience

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