A LinkedIn Profile that helps you stand out.

LinkedIn Profile Development

A LinkedIn Profile that helps you stand out.

LinkedIn Profile Development

by Rebecca Henninger

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important parts of your job search. Not only is this where recruiters will most likely find you, it is where potential clients, professional colleagues, etc. will most likely go to seek out more information about you. It’s not enough to just throw up a picture and list your most recent positions. You need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile reflects your personal brand and creates a comprehensive package along with your resume.

As part of any resume writing package or as a stand-alone service, we work together to create a powerful, keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile that works. I’ve literally had clients call me thanking me because they started receiving inquiries within 1 day of updating their LinkedIn with me.

I apply a similar process to your LinkedIn as I do to your resume, selectively identifying the important facts and creating a compelling visual presentation that not only looks great but enables you to market yourself to thousands of potential recruiters and hiring managers.

When I work on your LinkedIn, I offer a comprehensive service and apply my experience and expertise to optimize your profile for maximum visibility.

Standalone LinkedIn Development

LinkedIn Development not purchased as part of a package.

From $500*

Add-On LinkedIn Development

LinkedIn Development as an additional Resume Creation or Editing service.

From $300*

*Exact Pricing Varies Based on Industry and Experience

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