Executive Resume Writing Services

Executive Resume Writing Services

by Rebecca Henninger

As an executive with a history of achievements and value delivered in the form revenue growth, corporate transformations, and global team leadership, it becomes challenging to position yourself for the next steps — not because you lack the credentials, but because the level of competition is exponentially amplified.

Does your resume stand out from all the other applicants? Does it “speak” to retained search consultants in a meaningful and authentic way? If the answer isn’t a resounding “YES”, it’s time to do some goal-setting.

As an executive resume writer with proven experience developing customized, branded resumes and LinkedIn profiles for clients all over the world, I help clients refine, differentiate, and showcase their brand for Director, VP, C-level, and Board positions.

How My Executive Resume Writing Services Work

My process is simple and straight-forward. I offer a few different service levels and support options, which we can discuss during an introductory call. Following that, we schedule an interview call, during which I ask you lots of questions about your goals, achievements, and expertise. Following that, I get to work!

What Format Should I Use?

There are many components to an effective resume, but I focus on creating meaningful connections between what you have done, how the results impacted the bottom line, and how that will translate for your new employer.

For an executive, the top 2/3 of the page is really where you brand yourself. I’ll create a branded headline, targeted keyword section, and an accomplishment or milestones feature that tells a prospective employer who you are, what you have done, and how you will lead.

To accomplish this, we combine quantifiable results with words and concepts that demonstrate your EQ – things like consensus building, leadership, influencing, and change management. From a formatting perspective, first impressions do matter! I use white space, strategically placed graphic elements, color, and keywords to make it easier for a hiring manager to scan.

What Do I Include in My Resume?

One of my most important tasks as your executive resume writer is to convey the essence of your achievement in clear, concise language. I do this by focusing on how you solve problems. We all want someone around who is an expert at this, right? Leadership at your level is no different. Whether building solutions that create value for customers, cultivating teams that are engaged and accountable, or leading the charge to transform performance on a team, you have the knowledge, tools, and know how to make things happen.

Don’t Neglect LinkedIn

Without a LinkedIn profile, you are really leaving a lot on the table. Your LinkedIn profile should complement – not copy – your resume. Use the same tone, but in a slightly more personal manner (first person pronouns are acceptable on LinkedIn). Don’t forget about accomplishments! You can copy and paste bullets to help readers quickly scan – here are a few of my favorites: ✦ ► ✔︎ ★

Whether you hire a professional resume writer to manage the process or work on it yourself, you should never be your own editor. Find a trusted proofreader to scan for content, accuracy, and overall impact. On the flip side, everyone has an opinion and that can get overwhelming. If you have friends in HR or executive roles, have them review, but keep the reviewing circle small.

Always Be Networking

No matter how great the resume, your job search does not exist in a vacuum. To be effective, you need to be actively engaged in building and leveraging your network, following up with former colleagues, and reaching out to recruiters and other influencers that can make those introductions on your behalf.

Overwhelmed? I’m here to help.

Whether you just need a resume or would like a consultative partner for your job search, I can customize a package that fits your unique needs, goals, and objectives. Let’s connect.


What Do Your Services Cost?


Expert Support – From $1300

I start every project with a phone interview, during which I ask lots of questions about your background, goals, and expertise.

Following that, I send drafts in about a week and we collaborate on revisions. I provide word, pdf, and plain txt of the finals. Attached are a few samples for review.
I offer a comprehensive package, which includes resume, networking letter, LinkedIn and consultation throughout the process that includes advice on networking, LinkedIn training, and general support.
Resume Only – From $1000

Schedule a 1-hour phone interview and receive a customized resume along that is targeted to your objective and customized to meet your unique goals and objectives.

Coaching Packages – $300

Feel like you are struggling to translate your experience for a hiring manager or executive recruiter? Set up a 3-session coaching package that extends the career development process and includes custom language for your interview, networking efforts, and follow-up or training on LinkedIn and networking.

LinkedIn & Networking Letter – $200

Add an optimized LinkedIn and modern cover letter for today’s digital job search to any package.

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