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How To Write the Perfect Resume…And Other Unicorn Myths!

resume-writingIs there really a such thing as a perfect resume? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple; however, by keeping a few guidelines in mind you CAN create a branded, targeted resume that positions you for new opportunities!

Resumes need to be customized to your unique goals, objective, and value proposition.

The one-size-fits-all approach runs the risk of making you look like a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. If you don’t have a specific field or position to target, you can still focus your resume by honing in on key transferable skills and utilizing quantifiable metrics to demonstrate mastery.

Here’s the challenge though. Even a professionally written, amazing resume may not get your foot in the door for career pivot opportunities on its own. You still need to do some networking work on your end to crack the door open.

Think of your resume as the door stop you jam into the slightly ajar opening.

Don’t think you have a network? Think again. Everyone you know is part of your network. Just because you are shy or introverted doesn’t mean you can’t start networking like a boss.

In fact, sometimes the more passive approach works in your favor. People who know and love you are excited to be able to finally help you with something because you have never asked them before!

Ok. Back to the “perfect resume”. My team and I create amazingly branded resumes that boost your confidence and pique the interest of hiring managers to get your phone ringing. As a professional resume writer, what I do for my clients is three-fold.

1) Understand your strengths

2) Qualify & quantify your achievements

3) Demonstrate your emotional intelligence in addition to subject matter expertise

Interested in learning more? Contact me to set up a consultation and mention promo code PERFECTRESUME for a free cover letter with your resume order!

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5 LinkedIn Strategies To Utilize Today

LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool available to jobseekers in today’s market. It is not a Facebook for professional people. It is an incredibly deep networking tool that you can use to connect with potential referral sources, inside contacts, and hiring managers.

Your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your personal brand and just like your resume, should be written in a polished and professional tone. While a LinkedIn profile does offer a little more opportunity to let your personality shine through, it’s not the place to be posting anything too personal or divisive. Be mindful of the power of perception and make sure that you are creating an image for yourself that is impactful, engages readers, and gives you a competitive edge.  Read more

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5 LinkedIn Summary Writing Ideas to Improve Your Networking Power

LinkedIn is an essential cornerstone of your job search. In addition to having a professional resume and a winning personal branding statement, your online reputation is the key to opening doors. LinkedIn summaries are not the place to copy and paste your resume or use the executive bio from your company’s website. It’s a different platform with different goals, challenges and audiences. Treat it that way and you’ll get stronger, more positive responses to your LinkedIn persona.  Read more

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