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4 Tips to Spice Up Your Cover Letter

Cover letters aren’t just there to serve as a cover page for your resume. While the debate rages on over their importance, the fact remains that they are a part of your job search and not to be ignored. Here are some new ideas for cover letter content to keep your readers interested!  Read more

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4 Essential Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become as important to your job search as a resume. This powerful networking tool can help you define and publicize your personal brand and can attract potential employers. A multitude of blog posts, infographics and articles are published every day on the subject. Wading through all the information has almost become a full time job! These four key takeaways will get you started building out your profile so you use your network to help you land your dream job.  Read more

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5 Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Not only does your resume need to be aesthetically pleasing and quickly catch the eye of a recruiter, it also needs to be keyword heavy to be picked up by recruiting software programs. Working with a professional resume writer can help you avoid common resume mistakes, but if you choose to go it alone these quick tips can help ensure the beautiful resume you’ve spent hours on will get serious consideration by recruiters.  Read more

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