How to Find the Best Executive Resume Writing Service

by Rebecca Henninger

How to Find the Best Executive Resume Writing Service

by Rebecca Henninger

by Rebecca Henninger

Before we dive into how to find the best executive resume writing service, let’s start with why you might need one. There are differing opinions as to whether you should just write your own resume, or hire a professional. My rule of thumb is time. If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited the old resume, an expert could be a viable asset for redesigning your format and turning all those unmarked years of experience into concise bullet points.

Ready to find the right person for the job? Here’s how to find the best executive resume writing service… 

1. Don’t get blindsided by a good price or an unrealistic promise.

Sadly, there are a lot of resume-writing scam artists out there! Overseas companies have attempted to infiltrate the market by writing up their own lists of the best resume writing services, and ranking themselves. An innocent Google search, could land you on a list of companies that will take your money in exchange for a poorly written or simply reformatted resume.

The best way to avoid these scams is to look for the BBB stamp of approval. If they are an accredited business, you should find the BBB logo on their website. Look for a business that has received an A+. If they are running a scam and have complaints filed against them, it is very unlikely they would have an A+ rating.

2. Avoid cookie-cutter resume factories or farms.

Outside of straight scams, you will also come across some cookie-cutter resume writing factories or farms. These companies produce generic resumes and have quick turnovers, neither of which are beneficial to you.

Your resume is easily the most important document in your career. You want it to be personal, professional and valuable. There’s no value in paying for a cookie-cutter resume that a factory spat out to you in a couple hours.

3. Ask for samples or testimonials.

Like most things in life, reading about other customer experiences can be extremely helpful. Most professional resume writers include testimonials or samples right on their website. If they don’t, they should be more than happy to send you some. This will give you confidence in their style, abilities, and customer satisfaction.

4. See how their process stacks up to your expectations.

What are you hoping to get from hiring a professional resume writer? Everyone’s needs are different, so it helps to know what you want and then find a business that can deliver.

You can easily find out if a business’ services meet your expectations by doing a little research on their website. You should be able to get a grasp of what working with them looks like through a detailed services page or process timeline.

Is being able to talk to them over the phone or in-person most important? Do you want someone that excels at cover letters? Read over their website to narrow your search down to the top contenders.

5. Give them a call.

How to find the best executive resume writing service is sometimes as easy as picking up the phone. Once you’ve found the person you want to work with them, why not give them a call?

Most professionals will offer a free consultation and are happy to answer your questions over the phone. This is a fast and efficient way to find out of if that resume writer is a good fit for you and get a firsthand look at what working with them will be like.

Make sure you go into the consultation prepared. Most have a time cap, and even if they don’t, you want to be respectful of their time. Write down your top questions and be prepared to answer questions about your career goals. You want to walk away from this call either ready to sign an agreement, or to move on.

6. Ask about prices upfront.

If the cost of their resume writing services aren’t listed on their website, you’ll definitely want to ask that ahead of time. Price should never be a surprise, and you should know exactly how much it is going to cost for the services you need.

You’ll also want that number in writing if you do decide to work with them. Signing an agreement guarantees they won’t hit you with any additional fees down the road.

7. Find out the fine print on their revision policy.

Most resume writers will offer revisions but each will have their own policy. They might offer a time limit (e.g. free revisions received within the first week), a fixed number (e.g. two free revisions), or revisions at an additional cost.

Find out what their revision policy is and how much it costs for additional revisions outside of their policy. For example, if they offer free revisions within the first week, how much does it cost for a revision outside of that time period?

Now that you know how to find the best executive resume writing service, you are ready to start your search. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Avoid scams and unrealistic promises, take your time, do your research and ask questions.

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