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How to Access the Hidden Job Market – Networking Ninja Tips

networkingtipsThe most often overlooked but incredibly effective tactic you are not using in your job search? Undoubtedly, it’s the cold networking email.

Wondering what people really mean when they talk about networking? You’re not alone. Most people just don’t know that many people!

So how do these networking ninjas do it? Simple! If they don’t have a connection, they create them. Sounds challenging right? It’s not. And you too can become a networking expert.

1. Hone in on your objective. Before you start sending out emails requesting informational meetings, be very clear on what you are trying to accomplish. 

2. Create a target list. Know who you are emailing and why, and keep track. Nothing says “I’m totally disorganized” like accidentally asking the same person to connect twice.

3. Create a template that is to the point, light, and authentic. When asking someone for a few minutes of their time, you don’t need to tell them your life story. Create a 3 to 4 line email that quickly gets to the point.

4. Keep your ask low commitment. Do not ask strangers for lunch. I recommend requesting a 15-20 min phone call or offering to buy them a cup of coffee. 

5. Don’t be scared to attach your resume! This will give your connection a frame of reference for the conversation. Make sure your resume is ready for prime time – error free, targeted, achievement-driven, and polished.

Not sure how to start? I can help. Book a 15-minute call today to find out about my career launch coaching.

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What is the Best Format For My Resume?

Just as the media world has evolved, so have resumes. We get our news from Facebook (unfortunately), Twitter, and all kinds of new digital soExpressions-16.jpgurces. Increasingly, our consumption has shifted from reading long-form content like newspaper articles into shorter, more visual media.

Rather than fight a trend, work to capitalize on these changes by creating a resume that is not only powerfully written, but also grabs a readers attention through well-thought out design, strategically placed formatting elements, and a strong narrative style.

Your resume is your representation of your own personal brand in the hiring marketplace. It should grab the readers attention in the first few seconds with a strong, differentiated intro, then hold their attention throughout by leading with results and honing in on your key value add.

I work closely with my clients to understand thier unique selling points and then create resumes that consistently drive those home through achievements connected to the overall mission and vision of a company, demonstrated understanding of the impact on thier work from a big picture perspective.

The ATS is always a scary thing – understandably so – but my advice is keep in mind that you are writing to two different audience. The first – is the person. This is the resume with all the bells and whistles…charts and graphs as appropriate, color and other elements to create visual interest, and clean, well-written prose that clearly conveys your messaging. Secondary to that is the ATS resume. This resume should be stripped clean of formatting and saved as an ASCII or some other similar file format.

Trends in resumes are also constantly changing. I’m sure you’ve heard the old standby – even the President has a 1-page resume. A) I’m pretty sure that’s not true. B) Resumes are not one-size-fits-all. I’ve done 1-page resumes for executives and 2-page resumes for students. Format and content are not mutually exclusive. The strategy should be custom tailored to each candidate.

One cool thing happening for early career is the 2 column resume. This is most easily achieved with a table set-up and can be tricky to manage – best left to a pro! Also, I don’t love this format for more experienced candidates as the initial scan gives the impression of someone earlier on in their career.

What’s the best way to sift through all the often competing advice? Trust a professional! I’d love to connect and share insight about your unique situation. Reach out directly via 973.270.1777.


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