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How To Write the Perfect Resume…And Other Unicorn Myths!

resume-writingIs there really a such thing as a perfect resume? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple; however, by keeping a few guidelines in mind you CAN create a branded, targeted resume that positions you for new opportunities!

Resumes need to be customized to your unique goals, objective, and value proposition.

The one-size-fits-all approach runs the risk of making you look like a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. If you don’t have a specific field or position to target, you can still focus your resume by honing in on key transferable skills and utilizing quantifiable metrics to demonstrate mastery.

Here’s the challenge though. Even a professionally written, amazing resume may not get your foot in the door for career pivot opportunities on its own. You still need to do some networking work on your end to crack the door open.

Think of your resume as the door stop you jam into the slightly ajar opening.

Don’t think you have a network? Think again. Everyone you know is part of your network. Just because you are shy or introverted doesn’t mean you can’t start networking like a boss.

In fact, sometimes the more passive approach works in your favor. People who know and love you are excited to be able to finally help you with something because you have never asked them before!

Ok. Back to the “perfect resume”. My team and I create amazingly branded resumes that boost your confidence and pique the interest of hiring managers to get your phone ringing. As a professional resume writer, what I do for my clients is three-fold.

1) Understand your strengths

2) Qualify & quantify your achievements

3) Demonstrate your emotional intelligence in addition to subject matter expertise

Interested in learning more? Contact me to set up a consultation and mention promo code PERFECTRESUME for a free cover letter with your resume order!

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Does My Resume Need An Objective?

Resume objectiveNope. Not really.

Short answer but here’s the deal. Resumes are a marketing piece. Your personal brand showcase.

When you love see a Nike ad, does it lead with a statement about how the sneakers want to run?

Just like a commercial is designed to make you want to buy what the seller is selling, your resume should be designed to make a hiring manager want to talk to you!

An objective is a needy statement that can be clearly conveyed through the unique presentation of skills and experience that you set forth in your resume.

The first section of your resume should be a well thought out profile, one that brands you and aligns with the type of position you are seeking. If you are looking for that next step in your career, this is the place to put yourself out there as the perfect candidate for that next step role.

As you think about the best way to showcase what you have to offer, think about the functional capabilities that will attract the hiring manager, such as building and leading a team or social media marketing, and then come up with a few quantifiable achievements that represent your expertise in those areas. Create a mini highlight section with bold or keyword headers to really draw attention to those areas.

Don’t think you have accomplishments to share? It can be a little challenging if you aren’t in a field such as sales or operations where everything is goal-/metric-driven, or in a company that doesn’t really measure performance.

Try to put yourself on the other side of the desk – come up with some examples of how you solved a problem for your team, your customers, your boss, or your company. Include details that indicate scope and showcase how you left a department or issue in better shape than you found it.

For inspiration, search through your emails! Another great source is your performance evaluations if you have them.

Resumes are not as cold and boring as they once were. Don’t be afraid to show some personality with color, a quote from a happy customer or a supervisor, or a graphic that visually demonstrates your accomplishments. Just remember to keep it clean and professional. Also keep in mind that any images or text boxes are skipped by ATS so any content here should be repeated elsewhere. One trick I use is to type the text underneath the image so it’s scannable.

Your resume is an investment in your future and often your one shot to make a great impression. If you are struggling or feel like your resume just doesn’t do you justice, it’s probably not! It’s hard to talk about yourself and objectively identify your strengths.

When I work with my clients, I learn about their goals and careers to tell their story in a very clear and professional manner through their career marketing collateral. Think of me as your career ninja – a detective that uncovers and promotes your personal brand!

Let’s get started on your resume today. Email me at to learn more.

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Top 10 Resume Writing Tips From a Certified Professional Resume Writer

Are you currently on the hunt, hoping to land that dream job? If so, you unfortunately are not alone! With online job searching, LinkedIn, and the globalization of business, you are likely competing with many other qualified candidates all over the world for every job you apply for. The best way to stand out from the crowd?  Your resume!

Your resume, like it or not, is your first impression when you are job searching. You have about 7 seconds or less to make an impact and concisely convey your value, pique the interest of the hiring manager or HR, and get your resume on the “maybe” pile instead of the dreaded round file.  Without a branded, targeted resume, you just may not get a call for an interview, no matter how spectacular your qualifications.

Here are 10 tips to help you organize and optimize your professional experience for maximum exposure.  Read more

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Rebecca Henninger: Certified Professional Resume Writer

Are you sick and tired of applying to job after job, but never getting a call back for an interview? With all of the rejections, you’re starting to feel like it’s going to be impossible to get a new job. You see other people landing great jobs, so why can’t you even secure an interview? Here’s some news for you: your resume might be holding you back.

The resume you send along to potential employers is basically your first impression to them. If it’s not a good one, your information will likely get tossed in the trash. Instead of sending over a bland resume you created based off of some template you found online, you need a tailor-made cover letter and resume. You need something that is custom to your needs, such as the job you’re applying for and the industry you’re in. You need something that showcases your unique skills so potential employers see what an asset you could be to their company. It sounds great, doesn’t it? So, how do you get this?

You need to hire a certified professional resume writer. You need someone who can deliver a cover letter and resume that will grab the attention of potential employers. You need a resume that will have them immediately calling you to come in for an interview. That’s where I come in.  Read more

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